Our Mission

  • To promote health and wellness by implementing lifestyle changes through mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

    Healing Hands Wellness Center values each client's ability to make informed decisions regarding their physical, mental, spiritual well-being. We are committed to excellence by providing each client with quality education, instruction, and advocacy through cultural service. The mission of Healing Hands Wellness Center is to provide our clients with the ultimate wellness experience, which incorporates preventative, rehabilitative, maintenance, functional enhancement and resource services. 

  • We are committed to provide each client with all the appropriate information to make an informed health decision and lifestyle modification to optimize their health.  Our communities are plagued with chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, which risk can be reduced or prevented with modifiable health behaviors. 

    Healing Hands provides a supportive, knowledgeable, and communal environment where all of our clients are treated as part of our family. Health "Knowledge is Power" over your life. You owe it to your family, community, and most importantly yourself to remain happy and active for as long as you are willing to empower yourself with health that works.

    Healing Hands envisions our services will be considered the elite providers of health and wellness information and services in the years to come.